• Riverside Property Management: Residential and Commercial Property Services

      Do You Own Residential or Commercial Property in or near Riverside, California?

      Revenue-generating property is still one of the best investments anyone can make.

      But managing that property can be a massive headache, whether you try to do it yourself, or use a patchwork management system to handle all of the non-stop issues which arise 24 hours a day:

      • Rent Collection
      • Inspections
      • Emergency and Continuing Maintenance
      • Tenant Screenings and Approvals
      • Security and Evictions
      • Risk Management and Insurance
      • Advertising and Marketing
      • Accounting


      “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”
      - Jim Collins, Noted Business Consultant and Author

      Riverside Property Management Group is the leading organization of experienced commercial and residential professionals, specializing in property management, in Riverside, CA.

      We were established by CW, one of the top experts in the field of property management in Riverside County. His vision was to bring together a family rather than a company – all of the best property managers in Riverside – to provide two essential services:

      1. Eliminating the tremendous burden many Riverside property owners face when trying to manage their own properties
      2. Rescuing owners from the arduous tasks of finding – and keeping – qualified employees to manage and run their Riverside properties


      Whether you need experienced pros specializing in residential or commercial property management in Riverside, or someone to manage your COA or HOA associations, the managers at Riverside Property Management can give your assets or associations the attention they deserve. We maximize your ROI – and let you concentrate on your real work, instead of having to deal with tenant and employee screenings, backed-up sewer systems or day-to-day accounting tasks.

      Sound interesting? Here are some of the details.

      What We Can Do For You

      In a nutshell, we can handle all of the time-consuming details of operating and maintaining any type of revenue-generating properties that you own, whether they’re retail, commercial or industrial facilities, apartment or condo complexes, or single- or multi-family homes. Here is just a partial list of the services you no longer have to worry about when you hire us for property management in Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.

      Tenant Services – We handle everything involved, from start to finish:

      • ✔ Prospective tenant screenings, including criminal, financial and rental history checks
      • ✔ Lease negotiations, approvals and signings
      • ✔ Security deposit administration
      • ✔ Move-in and move-out inspections
      • ✔ Routine and emergency repairs
      • ✔ Rent collection and late payment administration
      • ✔ Proactive tenant relations including active online presence
      • ✔ Online tenant/management portal for quick response to tenant needs
      • ✔ Evictions

      Property Services – Our Riverside property managers are always on duty, supervising:

      • ✔ Normal and urgent maintenance of buildings and grounds
      • ✔ Regular site inspections
      • ✔ Security
      • ✔ Insurance and risk management/mitigation
      • ✔ Interface with regulatory agencies and officials as necessary

      Advertising and Marketing – We work to ensure the maximum occupancy rates and shortest vacancy periods possible:

      • ✔ Print and broadcast marketing, where appropriate
      • ✔ Online advertising through CraigsList and other sources, where appropriate
      • ✔ Dedicated and optimized website for lead generation
      • ✔ Proactive outreach to prospective clients
      • ✔ Rapid processing of inquiries and applications

      Administration: Riverside Property Management takes the burden of employee management, and financial and administrative paperwork and accounting off your hands:

      • ✔ Employee recruitment, screening, hiring, training and administration
      • ✔ Preparation of short- and long-term plans and budgets
      • ✔ Interaction with vendors, including bid solicitation and approval
      • ✔ Interaction with collection agencies
      • ✔ Collection of revenues, and disbursement of payments to vendors and ownership
      • ✔ Maintenance of all records, files and reports
      • ✔ Coordination of legal and insurance issues
      • ✔ Preparation of monthly financial statements and reports

      That’s only a partial list of the services that Riverside Property Management can take off your plate. Contact us to learn even more of what we can do for you.

      Who Should Use Our Services

      We pride ourselves on providing the most complete Riverside County property management services available, whether your properties are in Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Palm Springs, Indio or anywhere in between. We have experienced property managers throughout Riverside County who can take full charge of any type of income-producing real estate:

      • Apartment complexes
      • Condo complexes
      • Multi-family homes
      • Single-family homes
      • Commercial properties
      • Retail properties or complexes
      • Industrial facilities or parks

      We also specialize in administration of homeowner associations (HOAs) or condominium owner associations (COAs), from collection of fees and maintenance of grounds and common areas, to preparation of HOA and COA bylaws and enforcement of regulations.

      Riverside Property Management has built the biggest and best infrastructure, and the largest family of professional property managers and administrators, to handle any type of rental or lease property, large or small.

      Why We’re The Best Choice

      As a property owner in a competitive environment, the last thing you need as a property owner is a Riverside, CA property management company which only pays lip service to operating your business. Riverside Property Management Group is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art service to both owners and tenants.

      We select the members of our team not only for their expertise, but also for their desire to stay abreast of all trends in modern property management including the utilization of new technologies and the full capabilities of the internet. We believe in the latest and most effective models of operation:

      • ✔ Using innovative techniques to recruit prospective tenants and maximize occupancy
      • ✔ Utilizing online portals and websites to improve tenant experience and relations
      • ✔ Providing full internet access for property owners to review all information and data
      • ✔ Maximizing the properties’ presence on social media

      When it comes down to it, though, we believe you’ll find Riverside Property Management Group the best choice for any type of property management in Riverside County because we do the job more completely and more effectively than anyone else – and because we do it at a reasonable cost.

      Don’t take our word for it; here’s what satisfied clients have to say.

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      Whether you’re going crazy trying to manage your Riverside properties by yourself, or not sure whether your current Riverside, CA property management company is doing all it could to maximize your ROI – it’s simply good business to check out our services and see how we can help you. There’s a reason so many other Riverside property owners rely on us to manage their properties. (And if you’re looking to add more residential or commercial properties to your portfolio, we recommend CaliforniaRealEstateAgents.org, which provides outstanding service to many of our satisfied clients.)